Your help to supply translated KYB Studies and/or Bibles would be much appreciated and will be directed to the current translation projects.

Cheques or Money Orders: Make out to CWCI International and post to PO Box 412, Punchbowl, NSW, 2196, Australia.

Direct Debit: Payments can be deposited directly into the CWCI International bank account. You may do so via internet banking or by making arrangements directly with your bank.

Account name: CWCI International

Westpac Bank

BSB: 032167 Account: 125143

Please include your name in the transaction details and forward the details of your deposit to so we can send you a receipt.

Bequests: For many years now the Lord has provided through the gifts of his people like you, and we trust him to continue to provide. You can be part of his provision for the KYB ministry worldwide through your bequest. You can use your will to make sure your resources continue to be available to the Lord and his people.

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Focus Verse:

"The end of all things is near... If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides..."

1 Peter 4:7-11 (NIV)